I ran up to the lake house this weekend to pick up my painting and wallpapering supplies.  Snapped a quick photo of a clean bedroom.


I hope to be painting and wallpapering up a storm this week.  The tile guy is taking a week of vacation before installing the baseboards.  And I would love to get those two things done first-anything to avoid taping!


Mixed Woods

A flood forced me to remodel my kitchen about seven years ago.  Seven years ago I had installed red oak floors stained dark, laid on a 45 degree angle to the room and had custom gray cabinets installed.  Last year we got a third dog (that is a story for another day) and she sheds (our other two don’t). Horribly. And her fur is white.  So I got myself a good vacuum and told myself that vacuuming everyday (and sometimes twice a day) is just the way it is, kinda like weeds that don’t get pulled when small, will someday be big. Deal with it sister. Fast-forward seven years and our sewer line failed and sprinkled poo water in 80% (?) of the basement, 4 of the 5/6 rooms down there. I’m going to go with 80% but I’m sure there is a mathematical real estate formula for figuring this number out.


The basement was going to have to be pretty much redone and one thing was for sure, I really wanted hardwood tile to replace the gross carpet. And if we could swing it, an old unused closet turned into a small wet bar.  Really a sink, dorm fridge and microwave station, but gussied up a little with pretty tile.  The flood happened in November 2018 and I only started working on it in April of this year.  I wanted to get through Christmas and then I just got lazy.  After a few calls and bids I found a General Contractor to work with for the demolition, drywall installation and tile work and we got started.  First tile had to be chosen and plumbing added for the wet bar.  I had some electrical work done too but my brother is an electrician so FREE labor.

All of this to come to my post point: what color to choose for my floor tile. Seven years ago dark floors were IT.  Now it seems light floors are IT.  I didn’t want to change out my main level dark stained floors and I didn’t want different colored basement floors from the rest of the house. I like when hard decisions are made easy because of budget.  So I choose tile that was closest to my existing real wood floors. I figure I’ll just lay down light colored rugs and lightness will be acheived.  Besides, when light floors are out and dark are in again, I’ll be set. However, I do want to bring in some much lighter woods. So areas of opportunity are the niche shelves on either side of the fireplace, the countertop for the wet bar and possibly a wood wall treatment?

Since I overthink and research the shit out of everything I started looking for examples of mixing woods (floors, furniture, wall treatments) and found a few that I think look great.

Amber Interiors - Client of the Mid-Century7

I count possibly 7 different woods in the Amber Interiors photo above.

Image result for interior design mixed woods

And maybe 5 in this Room and Board room.  So I’m going to go with Black Ikea Cabinets and Black picket tile for the wet bar backsplash and fireplace surround. Black paint above the fireplace and a wooden modern mantle and wood wet bar countertops. The wet bar and fireplace are on opposite walls of the room, so I want them to be reflections of each other.  Not exact, but close.


I also have a wall at the bottom of my stairs that I am thinking something like this would be a lovely way to bring in some lighter wood process herringbone wall

I’m hoping I can do all of the work myself and I will document it here.

How do you feel about mixing woods?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.



first mood board

I’m going to use an Ikea kitchen.  This is my first experience with the kitchen.  I have used a couple of Ikea vanity/sink combos and have had zero problems.  I love them actually.  There was a small neglected closet in our basement that we always talked about turning into a wet bar.  Once the basement flooded it felt like a sign.  Its a small area, but I sure have designed and redesigned the area until I was confused and far from the design plan I had in mind.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 11.33.04 AM

Some of this I already have, some is wishful thinking and some has slightly changed.  The floor is tiled and the tile for the fireplace and wet bar backsplash is in and being grouted this week.


A sneak peek with more to come.



I had a blogger blog once, long ago. Then life got in the way.  My basement flooded last year and I’m finally getting the repairs going.  I hired out the tiling, floors and fireplace and wetbar. Also, I won’t be doing much of my own plumbing. Other than that, I’ll do whatever I can on my own.